Remote Storage Services
Phone or computer low on storage? Want to Share within privacy? And/or just want to keep your secured data off site?

Well don’t fear anymore! Personalized Systems is now offering remote storage to handle anything you need it to.

Everything from simply extending storage (say good bye to expensive high capacity phones/tablets!), to sharing along with your friends and/or families without 3rd parties “spying” on your data, and/or even deal with the need to back up your important data whenever you requires to.

All at an affordable pricing (You can even get some storage FREE if you order system(s) from us!) of starting at just $1.70 per year!

Here is our price break down, if you don’t see what you need please email and I will be happy to quote you for a customized storage requirements. Looking for bulk storage? I can quote you for that as well at an more affordable per GB rate as well! Please email me at if you have any questions regarding the remote storage services.

Price per Month Price per Year Order
1 GB Storage TRIAL Free Trial Free Trial Order
1 GB Storage - $1.70 Order
2 GB Storage - $3.35 Order
4 GB Storage - $6.65 Order
8 GB Storage $1.80 $13.10 Order
16 GB Storage $3.30 $26 Order
32 GB Storage $6.20 $51.50 Order
64 GB Storage $12 $102 Order
128 GB Storage $22 $200 Order

Need even more? Email me at for bulk requirements!

Great Features from our Service

Secure and Private

Never share details with 3rd parties again! Securely share to only the people that you trust or even not at all!


Upload big

Sick of MB limits on uploads? We are too! We currently allow uploads as large as 100GB per file/folder!


Hassle Free Sharing

Share like never before! Need to share a large collection of files? No problems! Unlike some sharing services we do not place limits on the size of the files you would like to share with others!


Quality Hardware RAID protected and performance in mind

Don’t settle for cheaper options that may runs on RAID that might slow you down! We use hardware RAID 5 or better to secure your data while delivering quality performance in mind!


Run and Works on ANY devices

Wished you could sync and/or share among every single device out there? Everything from Windows, Mac OS, to even Linux are supported! We even have apps for your Iphone or Android as well for sharing/syncing from your mobile devices! Of course you can also always access the browser version in case you need to access your storage on a device that isn’t yours and/or won’t allow you to install a app on it. No matter what life throws at you, your data is always accessible to you!